Handmade Soap Store

Explore a captivating blend of artistic expressions here | where passion meets craftsmanship.

Explore my diverse portfolio and let your imagination soar as you navigate through the world of Designz by Friday. Whether you're looking for exquisite soap, unique hair designs, captivating face art, sparkling rhinestone creations, or the timeless beauty of wood-burning art, you're sure to find something that speaks to your heart and soul. Welcome to a world of creativity and craftsmanship!

Handmade Soap Collection

Handmade soap in Stuart, Florida. Sold locally in Port Saint Lucie, Hobe Sound, Fort Pierce and Jensen Beach.  Every bar of handmade soap is a unique masterpiece, carefully crafted with love and natural ingredients.

Hair Designz

Unleash your inner muse with Hair Designs, where your tresses become the canvas for innovative and eye-catching styles. Whether it's a bold statement or an elegant flourish, I turn hair into a work of art.

Custom Designz by Friday…

Hello, my name is Friday and I’m a talented face artist with a passion for creativity and self-expression. I have many years of experience in different variations of art and three years experience in the industry.

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Soaps: base oils, fragrances and essential oils